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Our History: Our Farm


In 1948, after 9 years of service in the Royal Australian Airforce, Stanley Sherry returned home to South Australia.

Buying land in the McLaren Vale region, Stanley settled down with his wife Gweneth and soon after, opened a green grocers.

As Stanley's business and family grew, he planted a small market garden to fill his shop. This was later taken over by his youngest son, Brenton.

Over the years Stanley slowly retired, with the business turning over to Brenton and his wife Vanessa. Though Stanley still loved to help around the farm and share his farming knowledge.

Our History: Welcome
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Of Stanley's four children, his youngest, Brenton, stepped up to take over the family business. 

Brenton and his wife Vanessa worked tirelessly to turn the small market garden into a thriving commercial farm. Their vision coming to fruition, they started Hillside Farm in 1985 

In 1999 Brenton and Vanessa expanded the business with the purchase of 164 acres in Kuitpo, starting Kuitpo Forest Strawberries. From there, the business grew further with the addition of our public farm in 2012 at Mt Compass. With Brenton and Vanessa's continued hard work, this evolved into our farm shop and café in 2016.


Having grown up around the farm, Brenton and Vanessa's 3 children, Adam, Megan and Ryan, are all passionate about producing fresh, high quality produce for our consumers. And with the addition of their partners, they work hard to make this passion a reality.

Adam and his partner Sonya run Kuitpo Forest Strawberries. With the same passion and care as Brenton and Vanessa, they work hard to produce the best fruit and veg for Australia's major supermarkets and local greengrocers. 

Megan and Ryan, with wife Allis, run our public farm Harvest the Fleurieu. Putting everything into our market hall, café and pick your own patch, they are dedicated to giving our customers an amazing experience every time they visit.   

Our History: Our Farm
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