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Here at Kuitpo Forest Strawberries we are not only committed to producing quality produce, but also to minimizing our environmental footprint. Over the years we have implemented a few changes to help us farm responsibly and have as little environmental impact as possible.


Integrated pest management programs (IPM)

Integrated pest management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive way of managing pests. This process involves releasing predator, or beneficial, bugs into the crop to eat the larva of the invasive, pest bugs that would otherwise damage the flower or fruit of our crops.
This significantly reduces our need to use pesticides, which also helps to reduce our water usage.

Solar Power

We have covered our farm shop and packing shed with solar panels, in an effort to become energy independent. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint


Stock Feed

We don't like to waste anything at Kuitpo. All our produce that doesn't make the cut in our packing shed is used as stock feed on our neighbours dairy farm. This helps reduce our waste and keep the local cows happy.

Cover Crops

Cover crops are planted during off-season times when soils might otherwise be left bare. These crops protect and build soil health by preventing erosion, replenishing soil nutrients, and keeping weeds in check. This reduces the need for herbicides and reduces our water usage. Our main cover crops are snow peas, green beans and rye grass.

Sustainability: What's Happening
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